VIP Buyers Program

9 Reason to Join Our VIP Buyers Program


Free Foreclosure – Bank Sale, Fixers & Distress Sale Listings.

- Want to pay 10-20% below market value on your next home or want to buy an investment property?

Our VIP Buyers Get the Hot list of Foreclosure Homes in Market for Free. We do the hard work for you, so that you can just sit back and relax. As and when there is something matching your criteria of selection, we send you a notification immediately.

Hot Listings Everyday in your Inbox

- Want to beat other Buyers with Hot New Listings everyday, before they reach public MLS?

Most often, a MLS listing takes 24 – 36 Hrs to show up on public MLS system. . Our VIP Buyers Get the Hot New listing everyday, 1st thing in the morning, in there emails. Plus, best of the deals are already gone before they even touch public MLS. As part of our program, we provide you one on one consultation, to get a clear understanding of your needs. This helps us notify you about any good deals in the market far before they touch public MLS and hence put you in far better position then buyers relying on public MLS.

Minimum Negotiation Is Guaranteed!*

- Want to Make sure Your Agent Does Highest Possible Negotiation For You!

Like every buyer, I am sure you also would like to make sure that your agent negotiates the maximum for you. To assure our commitment, we offer our VIP Buyers a Minimum of $10,000 negotiation guaranteed. Else we penalize ourselves by giving you $1000 gift card for any local store of your choice. This is not just $1000 on the table for you, this is a assurance that we will try to negotiate the maximum for you, as we also would like to save that $1000 for ourselves. Result is a Win Win situation for our VIP Buyers!

We Assure a Quick & Easy Mortgage Approval!*   

- Have your bank already said NO to your approval???

Don’t loose your heart. We work with few of the most reputed Mortgage Brokers in Greater Toronto Area, who have strong reputation and influence in local Market and also with the 20+ Lenders they deal with, due to amount of business they do, which is far above average. This helps them accomplish far better results then a general bank clerk, who will simply forward your file to next department. Also going to multiple lenders can hurt your credit score, whereas Mortgage broker just needs to check your credit score once and send the information required to multiple lenders.

(* We provide Mortgage brokers reference only on Buyers request and are not ourselves a licensed Mortgage brokers. It is not a requirement to take mortgage from referred Mortgage Broker, if buyer desires so.)

We Assure A Good Investment!

- Want to Make sure What You Buy is Good for Investment Too?

As part of our VIP Buyers Package, we make sure that you are paying a reasonable price for your property by doing a comparative market analysis and that the property has all the attributes for getting a good appreciation, under the same market conditions.

Discounted Renovations!

- Renovations can cost 1000’s. Our VIP Buyers get them at discount, without compromise on quality!

Every house needs a renovation at one point or another. It may be as small as painting the house or changing the kitchen counter top or making the whole basement to give few examples. Our VIP Buyers get their renovations done for 5% – 10% cheaper then the market rate for similar renovation, with the help of our reputed contracts, who have proven their work quality over the years doing multiple projects for us. This Gives our clients an upper edge over other home owners, as most of the time, you may not even realize what are the best options available to you in terms of design and style. We guide you through the process, so that you can make a more informed decision.

“Find Me a Renter” Assistance

- Want to rent your Investment Property?

Many Buyers/Investors complaint “our agent disappeared after selling” As part of our VIP Package, you are assured, we will stand by your side even after the sale. For Investment properties, if you buy them from us, for one time, we offer to assist you in renting it for free, if you decide to rent it within 1st 3 months of purchase. Additional savings for Our VIP Buyers!

Selling Assistance for your current home

- Do you know how high your selling cost can go for doing a good job???

Home you are buying today will be sold tomorrow, as and when you have need to upgrade your home to new one, we will give you upto 50% discount on Listing brokerage Commission Fees, as our token of appreciation for remaining our clients and buying another house from us, without discounting the package we offer with full commissions i.e. our VIP Sellers Package*.

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                                                              (*) Some Terms & Conditions apply. Complete Details of these Programs available on request.

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